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Local Brand Monitoring: The Blind Spot

Local Brand Monitoring: The Blind Spot

Businesses must effectively use Social Media Monitoring to keep informed of what is being said about their Brand online. This activity tracks online mentions to keep business apprised of sentiment, both positive and negative, coming from consumers and potential customers.

Local Brand Monitoring: Venturelabs Study

There are many tools and providers that offer brand monitoring capabilities to help keep companies in the information loop. One such provider is Venuelabs, a Washington based brand monitoring company. They offer a location-based social media analytics product that provides brick & mortar brands with deep location-based insight into customer experience, sentiment, trends, and the overall health of their storefronts.

A recent Venturelabs study has found a troubling trend in the brand monitoring tactics of local companies. It demonstrates how brand monitoring and social media monitoring strategies employed by major brands are missing as much as 86% of local consumer sentiment about their in-store experiences.

“The results of our analysis found that as consumer usage of the mobile internet has continued to skyrocket, the basic characteristics of the ‘digital footprint’ left by consumers have changed dramatically,” said Pete Mannix Venuelabs Co-Founder and CTO, “Considering that nearly 40% of Internet usage is from a mobile device, implied user context, particularly location, has become far more critical to understanding the customer.”

Local Brand Monitoring: Location is the New Keyword

Consumers are using mobile devices to interact with brands in new ways, sharing in-store experiences beyond social to include mobile and location-based services like Foursquare and Instagram.

“Fundamentally, location is the new keyword,” said Venuelabs CEO Neil Crist, “The gap of current brand monitoring technologies is being felt today by brands large and small, who are adopting the Venuelabs platform to extend their listening the ‘last mile’ to their local storefronts – where they are finding significantly more valuable and more actionable customer intelligence.”

Local Brand Monitoring: Infographic of Study Results

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