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HelloTXT Closes Their Doors and Shuts Down

HelloTXT Closes Their Doors and Shuts Down

HelloTXT was a highly used social media aggregator that has now shut its doors. It follows right behind social media aggregator Ping.FM. We are pretty sure that PixelPipe will be the next one to close its doors as the abuse of its service is overwhelming. While this was a very quick and decisive decision it was probably the easiest way to dodge the online backlash from all the users. HelloTXT provided mobile applications as well as an online API that allowed many applications to connect to its service and submit their posts. Each and every aggregator has helped connect users to multiple social media sites but it seems the maintenance and upkeep outweighs the profit. Onlywire is still up and running but also leverages a payment structure which helps keep the management worth it.  They definitely didn’t follow our blog on How To Retire a Brand. Let us know what you think about HelloTXT closing their doors.

Hellotxt was your personal social networker…a Social Dashboard for your life online. The free service, accessible via web, WAP, and smartphone apps, was designed to help a user communicate easily with their contacts, whichever networks they are on, and in both inbound and outbound communication. The tool also makes it easy to engage and have more fun with the media you post to web 2.0 services. Hellotxt worked with the world’s most popular social networking and web 2.0 sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Posterous and WordPress. Hellotxt was launched in 2007 and has now finally closed their doors.

HelloTXT closes their doors and shuts downHelloTXT Shuts Down

After 4 years the HelloTXT team has decided to close down.

Here is the email directly from them:

All good things must come to an end, and that time has come for HelloTXT.

We regret to inform the community that effective 7th Aug 2012 HelloTXT will be closing down operations.

As of 7th Aug 2012 , the community will be disbanded. Access to the Web, WAP site and Apps will be terminated. In advance of the closure, we encourage you to log into your account and collect any information or contacts you will need.

We’ve immensely enjoyed the journey of the last 4 years as we’ve watched HelloTXT community grow and change. We sincerely thank you for all of the input and feedback you’ve provided us through the years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be able to access my profile?

After August 07th, 2012 all profiles will be terminated, so you will not be able to access your account or any profile information.

I’m really upset about this and I want you to know about it!

We understand your concern and this has been a hard decision for us as well. Feel free to share your feedbacks with us via our Corporate Website.

Thanks again to all,

The Hellotxt team


Please let us know what you think about this closure.

4 Comments to HelloTXT Closes Their Doors and Shuts Down

  1. It’s official. The decentralization of the Internet is underway.

  2. jamieleger

    Ya…. Geeezz. That sucks.

    First PING.FM, and now hello txt….

    I guess aggregation to all those useless sites like bebo and blabla, which was really the only uniquely useful service that did that, wasn’t worth it for them.

    Is there another site that can do this? Is a paid onlywire subscribtoin the only option, and how does it compare feature-wise?

  3. ahsas

    no good

  4. Eoin Oliver

    This is a great shame. It was an awesome time saver for social media marketing. I guess that was also the problem. Pingfm has moved to Hootsuite, and that’s not soo bad, or too pricey, so perhaps I will consider this. Afterall, how can such a device exist without huge costs?

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