Wigs.com: The Wig Experts

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Wigs.com: The Wig Experts

Project Details

Wigs.com - The Wig Experts

Client: Wigs.com
Project: Web and Marketing Development
Expertise: SMO, SEO, SMM, Application Design and Development
Technology: PHP, MySQL, Radian6, Alfresco
Problem: Wigs.com was seeking to improve customer engagement in order to increase web traffic.

Results Achieved

    • Promoted and improved social media presence and functionality
    • Introduced content workflow system for streamlined delivery
    • Enacted a broad strategy to optimize web assets
    • Increased unique website visitors
    • Encourage and improve brand interaction
    • Increased Google page one search results for targeted keywords
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Wigs.com needed a cohesive strategy to streamline online efforts under a single focus. Historically, they experienced difficulty in enacting broad strategies across the entire company. This problem allowed strong ideas to be poorly implemented, and increased likelihood of project failure. Mojo Creator sought to provide an outside influcing factor to unite strategy and enable success of online efforts.
Mojo Creator enacted a broad based web optimization strategy. Content creation was paramount to this strategy, which could be devised and disseminated under an optimal format. Content management systems were implemented to streamline the workflow process and maximize efficiency.  This allowed newly produced content to move seamlessly from writer to SEO stylizer to proofreader, then await client approval before publishing.

Search Engine Optimization also was increased through the development of satellite websites and other online properties. This complemented a diverse backlinking strategy, which formed a  web structure designed to capture and drive niche traffic.

Social Media marketing was utilized to increase customer exposure and engagement. These marketing efforts led to increased fans, followers, likes and most importantly page views. Through social networking engagement, Mojo Creator was able to involve friends of current customers to grow client base.

Contests and promotions were devised to excite the existing Wigs.com customer base, while generating unique user content.  Video contests received hundreds of submissions of first person anecdotal stories of satisfied clients, which were utilized to grow online presence. The assets provided content used to rank in search engines and improve knowledge of customer wants and needs.