Sailor Jerry Rum

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Sailor Jerry Rum

Project Details

Social Media Branding and Social Media OptimizationClient: Sailor Jerry Rum
Project: Develop Social Media Optimization Plan
Expertise: SMO, SEO, Application Design and Development
Technology: PHP, MySQL, XML, Mojo Calendar
Problem: Sailor Jerry needed a localized social media program that would allow remote management.

Results Achieved

    • Word-of-Mouth engagement increased 1,200%
    • 500% increase in social media influence through Facebook & Twitter
    • Conversion rates increased from 12% to over 20% with Deal Days landing page redesign
    • Residual traffic continues year-long thanks to repeat, email offers
    • Time on site increased to over 5 minutes per visit
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Sailor Jerry requested the assessment of their current social media communications structure. Our consultants analyzed the current information process flow and built a visual diagram of foreseen bottlenecks. It was important that any integration of new processes not interfere with their current assignments.
After completing the assessment we came up with a plan to integrate social media strategies into their current business platform.

Sailor Jerry also needed to communicate with their current customer base as well as gain new customers. To meet their needs we developed a customized application “Mojo Calendar” that allowed Sailor Jerry to manage their events within Microsoft Outlook without interrupting their current business processes.Mojo Calender was integrated as an invisible layer without adding additional responsibilities.
Sailor Jerry requested the integration into each brand ambassadors local social media accounts.We built API access into 30 different social media accounts which gave Sailor Jerry the ability to submit one event which would propagate to the other social media accounts. They needed to increase market reach without disruption of current business processes.