Image Creation and Personality Branding

JB and Sandy Morning Show

Project Details

JB and Sandy Brand Development and CMS DevelopmentClient: Entercom Communications Corp.
Project: Develop Brand and Marketing Technologies
Expertise: Web Development, SEO, SMO
Technology: ColdFusion, MySQL, Photoshop, Radian6
Problem: The JB and Sandy Morning Show needed an application to increase their overall engagement with their listeners.

Results Achieved

    • Doubled average monthly visitors
    • 31% of visitors to the website now come from social media optimization strategies
    • The average amount of time a user spends on the site increased by 60%
    • Bounce rates have decreased by 50%
    • An average of 11 pages viewed per visit
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The JB and Sandy Morning Show needed a way to connect with their listeners. After careful analysis of their business model we decided to build a custom application to help connect with their listeners. This application gave them the ability to update live data feeds for each of their main topics as well as offer an online forum.
The JB and Sandy show needed a way to integrate their topics as well as charity projects online. We developed an online presence as well as formulated a marketing plan to help connect with their listeners via organic searches and social media. Analyzing their market utilizing the Radian6 application we were able to build a targeted template for their listeners.
The show needed a new look for their show but were unsure what they wanted by way of branding. We designed a few different looks for the show to see what style they liked. We found that they had a more 60’s style so we designed a circa 1960’s clock that would have a coloration that matched that of the show.