AgilityGuard Mouthguard

Supporting AgilityGuard's Marketing Deployment

AgilityGuard Mouthguard

Project Details

AgilityGuard Brand Management and Social MediaClient: AgilityGuard
Project: Enhance Brand and Deploy Marketing Technologies
Expertise: SEO, SMO, SEM, CRM Design, Video Design and Sound Editing
Technology: PHP, MySQL, XML, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
Problem: AgilityGuard needed to enhance their user experience to attract more customers and develop a SEO and SMO plan.

Results Achieved

    • Time on site increased to over 5 minutes per visit
    • An average of 11 pages viewed per visit
    • Bounce rate decreased by over 15%
    • Clear user-pathways help increase conversions and lead the consumer to the desired product
    • Website creates connections between dentists and athletes using the integrated portal
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AgilityGuard asked for a business assessment of their business processes. After completing the business assessment we recommended and implemented a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) to increase communication efficiency.The CRM integrates with their different business lead generation points which allows for a centralized location to manage new leads. This process increases the total lead closure rate while saving overall time on a lead.
AgilityGuard requested an analysis of their current website platform as well as a usability assessment. After a careful analysis of their current website design we found that it lacked standardization as well as Call-To-Action functions. We recommended minor adjustments to their current content flow as well as their graphic design to increase the lead contact and closures.
AgilityGuard was in need of marketing materials for multiple company events. Mojo Creator designed corporate documentation to include product information packets and company sales sheets. These materials will be used within the sales process and in a conference setting. In addition to the corporate templates we also designed a 5 minute video presentation focused on informing and converting customers. AgilityGuard needed to market its brand as well as present a visual representation for their clientele in a 5 minute video.